Patio Designs Downers Grove, Illinois 

Tired of that boring old patio outback being an eye soar and sitting there all summer unused? Transform any backyard or patio space into heaven with exquisite patio designs and contract work from Cut Above Landscaping. 

Our patio designs in Downers Grove, Il. are guaranteed to make your house the go-to spot for barbeques, pool parties, and family gatherings. Don’t wait until the summer to get started! With a budget, concept, and set space, we can work with you to come up with landscaping designs that will transform your patio space and make it a hit this summer. 

Patio Design Ideas

With years of experience in landscape designs, we’ve built stunning patios for our clients that have added lasting value to their home. 

It could be a simple idea that makes all the difference. Add a bar or veranda to transform that dusty terrace into a place to chill out in the shade beneath the hot summer sun. We can even commit to more sophisticated projects that completely transform your space into a living area for entertainment. 

Patio design ideas include:

  • Poolside patio
  • Patio with a bar
  • Patio surrounding a brick fireplace
  • Patio with landscaping work

Each project conforms to your budget and vision to create a finished product that is visually and functionally satisfying. Contact us for any ideas you have a new patio outdoor design in Downers Grove, Il. 

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